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SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. is a professional consulting firm offering a wide range of services to both the public and private industry.  SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. and its professionals are recognized  as leaders in the field, and offers competitive pricing and reliable services.


Our range of services includes:



Engineering Services


Evaluation of Existing Structures (Buildings, Civil Structures, Bridges)

Computer Aided Design and Drafting  - CADD

Water and Sewer Pipe Design and Inspection

Steel Structure Design and Inspections

Electrical Power Distribution Design

Foundation Design and Inspections

Bridge Design and Improvements

Heat Loss and Gain Calculations

Energy Conservation Studies

Geotechnical Services

Economic Evaluation

Project Management

Subdivision Design

Conceptual Design

Feasibility Studies

Load Estimating

HVAC Design


Site Plans



Design Services


Building Services Management

Power Load Management

Standards Development

Prototype Development








Pump and Treat Systems (Groundwater Cleanup), Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring

Underground Storage Tank Design, Retrofits and Removals

Aboveground Storage Tank Design, Retrofits and Removals

Remedial Investigations and Remedial Action Work Plans

Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I, II, and III)

Contaminated Material/Hazardous Waste Disposal

Asbestos Surveys & Management

Soil and Ground Water Sampling

Monitoring Well Installation

Product Recovery Systems

Regulated Medical Waste

Ground Water Modeling

Right to Know Services

Bloodborne Pathogens

Subsurface Evaluation

Pump and Slug Tests

OSHA Compliance

Indoor Air Quality

Air Permits





Contractor Document Review

Inspection and Compliance

Project Management

Bid Evaluation



SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. has the latest equipment, most up-to-date technologies and the professionals who deliver the highest quality work.


For any task, SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. provides efficient, professional service with our clients' interest as the highest priority.


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