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Asbury Park Comprehensive

Redevelopment Plan

City of Asbury, Asbury Park, New Jersey

With a population that has dwindled to 17,000, with almost a quarter of its residents in poverty, Asbury Park is but a shadow of its former self.  In spite of this, the Asbury Park that approaches the new millennium is rich with assets upon which to build.  This dichotomy drives the imperative to develop a plan that will be a tool for the community to develop the potential of this unique location. A place where a variety of sectors have vision for its potential, the developer, the business person, representatives from the public and private sectors, and most importantly its citizens, many of whom struggle to maintain the health of their families, while they aspire to invest in the potential for health in their neighborhoods.  An Asbury Park that has commercial districts and neighborhoods that can be rescued from physical and economic decline.  A location with miles of waterfront development potential, a potential that must be nurtured with a plan that will ensure that its beneficiaries include those who have remained in the community.


SMITHCO has worked with City staff and the community to undertake a Comprehensive Master Plan for the City of Asbury Park. Also, SMITHCO worked with the community to hear its vision for the community; collected data to determine the precipitators of decline as well as the factors that would lead to development; and, as directed, put in place implementation plans, with clearly articulated benchmarks. These plans adhere to the New Jersey ordinances that guide the plans and consider the State’s priority of addressing sprawl.

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