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SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. has experience in road design and inspection to make an expert judgment on the existing conditions and the ways in which to rehabilitate those that are in need of it.


One of the most important services that SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. can supply is the ability and knowledge to locate state and federal funding to complement local funds  in rehabilitation projects. 


SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. performs a large amount of work for local municipalities, as well as having large degree of experience in coordinating projects with higher levels of government and of applying for funds that these levels of government allocate to local projects.  We will utilize our abilities to the utmost to try to make these rehabilitation projects affordable to local communities.


The inspection and design process that SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. follows has been developed over time to encompass all aspects of roadway rehabilitation.  SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. can:


  • Perform the initial inspection on local roadways to prioritize and develop  repair schedules. This will entail a detailed report on the existing              conditions of all inspected roadways and schedule of repairs.

  • Aid in securing state or federal dollars to help pay for these projects.

  • Provide repair design necessary to upgrade local roadways.

  • Repair or replacement design of all support structures within the scope of   work. These structures could include culverts, drainage systems, as well as underground pipes.

  • Offer on-site inspection during construction to insure all designs and   specifications are met.


SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. has experience in the design and rehabilitation of parking lots, in addition to its work in roadway design.  SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. can develop a plan to help any client insure that its infrastructure remains in good condition.


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