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About us

SMITHCO. CONSULTANTS, LLC.  (SMITHCO) has thirty years of experience.  We employ a team of highly skilled professionals who possess a wide range of technical expertise in the following areas; engineering, design, scientific and technical services.


Since our inception in 1997, SMITHCO has grown steadily, continually expanding our base of knowledge and services offered to our clients.


We employ a highly qualified team of Professional Engineers, Ph.D., Industrial Hygienists, Asbestos and Lead Inspectors, Management Planners, Designers, Project Managers, and field personnel. Our technical staff is trained to assess, plan, design, initiate, and manage projects.


SMITHCO works independently of, or in conjunction with, contractors, laboratories, and other third-party vendors to ensure that our clients receive objective recommendations, best options, and competitive prices. SMITHCO will stand behind its services, always working in the best interest of clients. Our project management expertise enables us to manage projects from start to finish. This ensures strict adherence to bid specification requirements, regulations, and industry standards.


SMITHCO has made a corporate commitment to: Partnership and Alliance, Information and Intelligence, Technical and Managerial Expertise, and Corporate Integrity. This commitment has produced strengths that are the core principles to our firm.

Our Team.

Sean S. Smith, Sr.


Tel: 856.365.9111

Gregory Moffett, E.I.T

Sr. Project Designer / Engineer

Tel: 856.365.9111

Abhijit Chatterjee, P.E.

Prinicipal / Director of Engineering

Tel: 856.365.91111

Carol A. Campbell

Vice President of Operations

Tel: 856.365.9111

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