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SMITHCO CONSULTANTS, LLC. Is committed to providing the highest quality professional services by assigning the most qualified professionals to work closely with you, the client, to meet or exceed your requirements.


SMITHCO CONSULTANTS, LLC. promises to provide the most comprehensive services through all planning, design and construction stages.


SMITHCO CONSULTANTS, LLC. will customize our services to meet your individual needs, considering your in-house resources, goals, objectives, and budgets.


Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships with clients to establish a full understanding of client needs. This supports our commitment to first and foremost consider what is in the best interest of our clients and allows us to manage their problems effectively and maximize our value.


In implementing our services, we act as an extension of your organization. Once we understand how your organization operates and your needs, we will work as your partner to solve immediate problems and proactively plan to avoid future crises. We function as a liaison between you and third parties (contractors, vendors, laboratories, and governmental agencies and officials), and always negotiate with your best interests in mind.


Finally, SMITHCO CONSULTANTS, LLC. through its founders, will strive to attain a unique distinction through professionalism, creativity, knowledge, and good old fashion hard work.

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