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Sean S. Smith, Sr.


Mr. Smith has proven experience in project management, planning, engineering design and operations.  With his significant hands-on experience makes him a technically proficient leader capable of conceiving and completing major projects on schedule. Mr. Smith is a determined achiever with the ability to blend fresh ideas while solving problems.


Mr. Smith has 30 years’ experience in pre-design management, design management, procurement, construction management and inspections for sizable projects.

He has performed a large amount of work for local municipalities, as well as having large degree of experience in coordinating projects with higher levels of government and of applying for funds that these levels of government allocate to local projects.  We will utilize our abilities to the utmost to try to make these rehabilitation projects affordable to local communities.


One of the most important services that Mr. Smith supply is the ability and knowledge to locate state and federal funding to complement local funds in rehabilitation projects. 

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