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SMITHCO. CONSULTANTS, LLC.  has developed an excellent reputation in the field by combining cost-effective design with modern technology. SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. range of expertise in the structural fields are:


  • Foundation system design and inspections

  • Roof repair and replacement

  • Structural projects may include many different types of building materials, reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and timber

  • Bridge design and inspection


Our scope of expertise ranges from small structural renovations to large design projects. On existing structures SMITHCO. ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. will complete a thorough inspection on the following:


  • Assessment of existing conditions

  • Areas in need of immediate repair

  • Cost effective maintenance plan


SMITHCO. CONSULTANTS, LLC. will provide final inspection reports listing deficiencies and recommendations of repairs. We will provide all necessary design details, construction specifications and repair procedures.


SMITHCO. CONSULTANTS, LLC. will work with you to get a full understanding of what is expected from the project. SMITHCO. excellent design team will support the project both during and after the project completion.  SMITHCO. will inspect the quality of construction and assure the design standards are met.

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